Thursday, March 20, 2008

I had no idea!

I thought I was a good mom. I supply mammoth amounts of educational supplies for the kiddies and leave them out in the open so they can explore them as they want. We have an "art table" in the "play room" and I have even learned to ignore messes that are not in my direct working space. After having 4 kids I had it down pat. I was there for them, but not too much. I provided the tools, but didn't push them on the kids. Apparently I have been a little too hands off.

The big kids (6 and 7) have math and reading books to stimulate their brains this summer and my 4 year old decided excitedly that he wanted "homework" too. So I gave him a purple crayon and a "learning your alphabet" type of book. He was thrilled! I was thrilled! I showed him how to do "G", the first letter of his name, and off he went. The next day he was right back at it working on "P" and "I". He was sitting at the table working with a little metal lunch box next to him and says, "I put some of these in there," while pointing at his lunch box. I asked what it was that he put there and he says, "Some of these," pointing at his purple crayon. What are those called, I asked him. He says, "Oh, let me show you," and opens the box which is full of crayons. I asked if he knew what those were called and he said "No".

Huh? How can he be four, with two older siblings and not know what a crayon is called?!

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