Monday, July 9, 2007

Snip, snip

No, I'm not making Vinnie get a vasectomy. I'm talking about what I thought was the best skort ever when I bought it. Turns out it needed a little quick modifying yesterday before heading off to the Fly-In and pancake breakfast at our local airport. This skort is made of the greatest material, you know, it is one of those sporty yet practical items that looks good but wicks sweat and is fast drying. A good item to wear on a 92 degree day when you plan on spending lots of time in the sun talking to people you hardly ever see (for a reason).

Anyway, when I bought it I thought I found the prize of summer and was even willing to pay for it (my b-day was coming up and I often treat myself since my husband neglects too, so I didn't feel too guilty). What I discovered after wearing it few times was that the shorts part underneath the skirt was not a "full" pair of shorts. Where the crotch comes together there is a separation between the sides, kind of like where a zipper would go but the zipper was missing and the ends were finished. It felt bizarre. At first I was going to whack out the entire shorts part and just leave the skirt but then I noticed how thin the layers were (all that wicking and quick drying happens for a reason). Instead I did a little snip-snip here and a little snip-snip there and I have a 5/6 skirt underneath my top skirt. I cut that nasty crotch area right out of there and evened it off so it didn't hang below the top skirt and presto-comfort!


Abby said...

You're so crafty! Maybe you'll be selling stuff on Etsy soon. :)

Mechelle said...

Um,if you WANT to call that "crafty" go ahead, but next time I wear that modified skirty skort you look right up it and tell me how crafty I really am. Gosh,I hope that doesn't sound gross. Etsy does not need the likes of me!