Friday, March 21, 2008

The Elvis

Oh, I'm not particulary fond of Elvis the Singer and there have been no sightings that I know of in "Little Closed Minded Town on the River", but this week I found out that I am fond of Elvis the Sandwich.

I came across what I thought would be an interesting documentary and pleaded with our extraordinary librarian to find it for me. Well, I didn't really have to plead, she would never make me do that (There are some advantages to being a member of the C Library Board). Unfortunately it was yet another obscure request that had to come from many states away, Missouri to be exact. But she came through for me like she always does!

Now, who else but PBS could take such a simple yet broad topic, call it Sandwiches You Will Like and have a hit on their hands? I would never have thought that a documentary about sandwiches could keep me captivated for over an hour and a half. Yeah, it made me hungry, and we had to take a break (I orginally mispelled it bread and not on purpose, ha!) midway so I could make the kids peanut butter and banana sandwiches (something they would never have tried before this movie). You must eat before watching or you will be wiping up a pile of drool as you watch, seriously, it is that good.

I don't want to spoil the content but imagine this: two pieces of bread with peanut butter spread on them, sliced banana on top of one side of peanut butter, four pieces of cooked bacon on the banana, then drizzle honey on the bacon, close the lid and the best part, GRILL IT! I haven't made it yet but once I get my hands on some bacon and it isn't Friday you know what I'll be cooking: The Elvis.

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