Friday, March 21, 2008

8 Random Things #5

When I was a kid I coudn't stand wearing jeans, something about the feel of them. I was pretty much adorned in worn out courdoroys passed down from my brother or sweatpants instead. Until the fourth grade that is. My friend, Michelle L., and I went roller skating (you know shoot the duck and couples skate) and I had on my comfy sweatpants. I don't remember which round it was on the skate floor but all of a sudden I realized that everyone else had jeans on and that I was uncool. No wonder I didn't have a partner for couples skate! I vividly remember this scene and probably always will. I'm sure when I'm gray with dementia that I will regress back to the time when I was a fashion nightmare.

Oh, please, don't get the impression that I am a fashion queen now. I'm not. But I have learned that jeans don't make the woman. They are good to clean the chicken coop or spread manure in the garden. Sometimes I persist and go shopping for jeans, find a pair that I think are cozy and actually pay money for them. They inevitably end up at the bottom of my pile of pants. I will even go so far as to put them on some days for about five minutes and then change into real pants. I go through this with bras too, but that is for another post, or probably I can leave that to the imagination...
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