Thursday, March 20, 2008

My friend Bifidus

It is very odd to me that on all the special little categories available on all these "spaces" there is nothing about food. We Americans LOVE food! 2/3's of us are overweight and the rest of us are trying not become overweight as we scarf down our cake after running a few miles. I'm so bad about the cake addiction that my husband frequently comes home from weddings with a whole layer in the trunk of his car (they GIVE it to him, he doesn't walk into random wedding celebrations and steal it, although if he were rewarded properly by me *wink-wink* he might start doing that). So why on earth is there not "space" for what we like to eat or what we don't like to eat for that matter. Hum, I wonder which category would be easier to fill.

For days now I have been denied my friend Bifidus because Meijer didn't deem him important enough to keep around in my non-flavor and brand. Meijer brand is fine for some things but over my dead body will I buy whole-milk plain yogurt from anybody but Stonyfield Farm! They have 6 live active cultures in that stuff for pete's sake. Not to mention you actually have to stir it to mix in all the creamy yum on top. Shhhhhh, but my special secret is to add Dora the Explorer cereal to my daily cup.

Bifidus and I have been reunited thanks to Kroger-the store that knows how to get you in the door with their wide selection of over-priced organic healthfood. They got me and I'll be back once I finish up these two cartons.

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