Friday, March 21, 2008

8 Random Things #7

I'm not a political girl. Never have been and probably never will be. Oh sure, I am passionate about "issues" but I don't argue them publically nor do I restrict my voting to a single party because of the way they tend to swing. I do exercise my right to vote because that would be plain wrong to ignore that obligation, but to get all heated and actually listen to the debates and poll ratings is not my thing.

This notion about myself became painfully obvious today when my husband, as right wing as they get, started to speak (I don't say discuss because it was totally one-sided) about his alliances and the candidates in the 2008 election. I tried to listen with one ear and go about my business with the other ear but I feel like such a fake when I do that so I turned to give him my full attention and got a headful of political jargon combined with strategy for his party to get things done. Somewhere in the middle he thought it might be a smart move to vote for Barack Obama so that the Democrats would be forced to follow-through on decisions that the Republicans would approve of based on circumstances. I think Barack would make a fine President to look at (I know, not a REASON to vote for someone, but still...) so I was up with that. Then he kept on speaking and his support for Barack changed into his thinking that if the prophecies are to be fullfilled it is possible that Barack is the antichrist and two generations from now our grandchildren will be saying "What were they thinking?!" The whole thing bores me to death.

I think I need to consider moving out until the election is over. Either that or get an iPod and secretly keep it on all the time.
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