Thursday, March 20, 2008

Daddy didn't drink no beers!

Gibby went to his first concert on Saturday. He went to see Hinder, Buck Cherry, and Papa Roach in the canoe with his dad and Florida Uncle Ted. He got home around midnight and flopped in the bed very tired even though he slept for a least an hour in the canoe. In the morning I asked him how his first concert was and he replied, "We didn't go to any concert." I tried to explain to him that when you go see bands sing it is called "being at a concert." He was having none of that because "We weren't on the stage mom!" *exasperated sigh* (from him not me!)

Instead I asked how he liked drinking beers in the canoe with dad and Florida Uncle Ted. Once again, exasperated by his mother's stupidity he said, "Daddy didn't drink no beers. He drinked orange juice. This many of them (holding up two fingers)." The ah-ha moment, no wonder the dear husband recently switched to vodka and OJ, the kids think he is being all good with his glass of Florida Sunshine. Cause when he sticks to his regular booze we can call him out on stuff too easily and the kids think he is "drunked".

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