Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Is In the Air

I don't need a ground hog to tell me when the sun is going to start to shine and the rain is going to start to fall. He seems to be wrong most times anyway (must be that y chromosome thing), 6 weeks, month and a half, neither one is ever right. Nope, all I gotta do is wait for my socks to give the first sign that spring is on the way.

I have sock issues, it is no secret, I detest them and have a very difficult wearing them. Most people probably don't notice but a pair of socks is really not a pair, but a set of rights with no left. They make two socks on the same machine with the seam in the same place no matter what foot you are wearing them on and if you are like me this can devastate the start of your day. Sometimes I put my socks on and actually have to take them both off and switch the feet that they are on.

So, every year around the beginning of sock wearing season (otherwise known as winter or sometimes late fall) I do some serious sock shopping. I have tried socks from cheap sources as well as higher end ones and do find that money talks when it comes to socks. I get a pair or two from different sources and then take them home and try to wear them, if I find a magic fit I go back to get more in that same style just a different color. This is usually a 2-3 week process so by the time I have my socks for winter I am really in need of them.

Most of this year's socks fit the bill, some of them pooped out on me after I washed them a few times (the material became too tight and the poof went away), but for the most part I was saved from wearing white running socks with my dark brown pants. I even had a pair that would match my orangish type clothing. It was a good sock winter and as I sit here typing with the wind howling and negative wind chills on the way tonight I am certain spring is in the air because the first of my coveted socks sprang a hole along the entire bottom of it yesterday. If my socks are on the way out then spring must be on the way in!

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