Friday, March 21, 2008

About 8 Random Things

I have noticed on some of the blogs I read that the blog writers are being "tagged" to list 8 random things about themselves that I'm presuming others don't know (otherwise what is the point?). I have not been tagged but I find it intriguing that people attempt this task. When I try to think of 8 things that are personal enough that no one knows them, I wonder if I would want to share them, because they are, well, personal. Not weird-personal or dirty-personal, just mine to keep and have. A piece of me that no one has taken away, something for safe keeping. Then I wonder if the unveiling of our private selves is for our benefit or the gain of others. Do we want to share these things but have no other way to do it but in written form? Are we too scared to have a verbally intimate conversation with those that would "care" about our disclosures? Do others even really want to know what has been divulged?

After considering what 8 things I would list (I had difficulty coming up with 8) it occurred to me the people that really know me would either already be aware of these "quirks" or would not be dumfounded by them. For example, I eat a banana EVERY day in the morning after I brush my teeth. Really? Is that why 90% of the time someone catches me going to the supermarket I am on my way to buy bananas even though there are already a pile in my fruit bowl at home. I'm as paranoid of running out of bananas as I am of not having a worthy book waiting for me when I go to bed. Now see, I can't think of anyone that would care about my banana issues or my book issues (except the library, because I am a book hoarder or whore, I can't decide which one). Writing about them doesn't change me or certainly (I hope) the way people view me. So why on earth do we feel compelled to share such information? Most of the lists that I have perused (one example) expose such similar information.

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