Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it really about the tool?

There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats. ~Elton John

I don't understand the adults in my generation, you would think an issue like homosexulity would be a non-issue but for some reason these people are so hung up on which "tool" is being used and where. Who cares! What they don't get is that "being gay" is not all about what happens under the sheets. It is about feeling a strong emotional/sexual/social connection to another person of the same sex. I thought I was all over feeling frustrated by closed-minded individuals when I donated And Tango Makes Three (two penquins father a baby penquin, very cute and sweet) to our local library (due to some comments by some ignornant and scared people). Well, I knew I wasn't over it but geez did it have to crop up again so soon?

Fuck You Florida Uncle Ted is gone but now I have another Florida sibling to deal with, that would be Clueless Aunt Beck. I won't go into detail about her clueless behavior but believe that she generously deserves the title. She finally made it over to our place yesterday with her two boys, 6 and almost 9 (almost 9!). Somehow we got into a discussion about another sister that also has 2 boys, 11 and almost 13, and how the younger boy said something was "So gay". As in something was stupid. Clueless Aunt Beck didn't like him using this term around her boys because she didn't want to explain what "gay" (the real homosexual meaning) was. She explained this to the mom, Mean Aunt Melonie (very deserving also), who responded that her boys "Know all about that stuff".

Well Clueless Aunt Beck went on to tell me that her oldest (almost 9!) knows "That it takes a mommy cat and a daddy cat to get a kitty, but not much beyond that." This same kid was telling us about protons, neutrons, and electrons while we roasted marshmallows but doesn't know about sperm and egg?! Yes, I have a problem with that. He probably thinks his penis is a whoozit too. She in no way wanted to explain the "gay" mechanics of sex because she is one of those many people that equates homosexuality only with the mechanics of intercourse.

The very ironic thing is that neither of Clueless Aunt Beck's boys live with their father. Boy number one was conceived by a one night stand because a guy missed his airplane flight and boy number two was conceived by a guy she was dating but would never marry (no job, no life, no brains-you know the type). Now both boys live with dude number three that they call "dad" but is not their real "dad". So really it doesn't take a mommy cat and a daddy cat to make a baby, it takes a sperm and an egg. I guess her fear really revolves around having to tell her boys how they were conceived-the right tool, right hole, wrong dude.

Guess Tango needs to make another guest appearance...

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