Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dear Meijer Cashier Lady

I know you are busy, underpaid, overworked, and probably a little warm in this heat but would it have killed you to acknowledge my daughter today? She might be on the shorter side but not so short that you couldn't see her over the conveyor. The conveyor on which she placed the two Barbie items (apparently she didn't get enough Barbie for her birthday) that she wanted to purchase with the Meijer gift card she received for her birthday. She stood there patiently and politely with her pink Hello Kitty purse waiting for you to ring up her items, which you did without so much as glancing at her. After you processed her gift card you turned to me to tell me there was a balance left and tried to hand ME the receipt and card. I looked you in the eye and told you to tell my daughter, that it was her purchase. I would have liked to stuff you in the Barbie box and tossed you on the clearance rack with the rest of the rejects.

You see, she is only 8 and still learning lots about our world. I try to teach her to be polite and to acknowledge other people when she is interacting with them. What you did negated her presence and importance as a CUSTOMER. You couldn't even take a moment to pull her Barbie treasures from the damn spinning contraption that held her bag, you just spun it further along so that you could begin ringing up MY items. I've never been down your lane before (and believe me I would have remembered, there are some of you I avoid like relatives) and just so you know I'm one of those customers that spends plenty at this store, the same store that pays you to do your job, the same store that claims Higher Standards, Lower Prices. There were no high standards in your lane, only bad examples.

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