Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

We are not football people here at the egg farm so even though we are now post-Super Bowl I still can't tell you who played in the game or even more importantly who the winner was. In honor of the event, or maybe in defiance of it, I ran the Super Bowl 5k in Okemos where I started with tendonitis in both hips and ended with a severely strained hamstring.

The photo above is just before the finish line where a half mile before I felt my left hamstring pop which was followed by severe pain. I slowed, I hobbled, I debated and then prayed for some endorphines, like the ones you produce while trying to birth a baby, and willed myself to the finish (I have to admit I was after one of the football helmet shaped age-group medals).

Minus the icy/snow packed roads that made getting a grip difficult, the hamstring incident and the 30 minutes of annoying fire alarm sounds while waiting for the race start (A young child, when placed by his dad near the Pull in Case of Fire lever, pulled the lever) I was glad I made an appearnce at this race. The race route was great and I would relish an opportunity to run it uninjured on clean pavement. Furthermore, this was a Playmakers event which are always 0rganized with efficient race results and yummy post-race food.