Friday, March 21, 2008

I Am Woman

See me run.

I finally did it. I put "my girl" (in orange) on the back of the van. I purchased her back in October of 2007 but after my disasterous marathon and lupus diagnosis she has been patiently sitting in the pocket of my checkbook. The other day as I whipped out a quick payment to the mortgage company I decided that she has been waiting long enough. I quickly evaluated on which side of the rear window I wanted her and armed with paper towel and Windex I had her affixed in less than 30 seconds.

This means I am back.

I may not be as fast nor able to go as far as easily as I once did but hell if I am going to let Lucking Fupus get in my way.

I am woman with lupus and there are no excuses.

This runner girl is back and lupus can eat my dust.
Currently reading :
The Almost Moon: A Novel
By Alice Sebold
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