Saturday, January 1, 2011

Final Tally

I made it. My "race a month" quest is over and now I need a plan for 2011. I'm considering this, as it would be a similar challenge but with races I haven't run before (except for 2 of them). There is a one mile race included in the mix and that is a distance I have never raced at. I always check my pace at the one-mile marker in a race but knowing I have at least several more miles to go that is never an all out effort.

My mileage goal for the year was met and I managed to run 23 races in 12 months. The New's Year's Eve run was iffy with the race location being changed 4 days before the event due to public safety issues and then severe thunderstorms moving across the state just before the race. We lucked out and the race organizers got a new location and course together, the weather cleared up, and I finished the final race of the year with a little over nine hours to spare.

As I perused my running log for the year I paused to question why I run at all. I saw such things as "Very sore muscles and joints" ""Hips!" ""Tired, very sore bones" "Hips tendinitis MRI" "Tore hamstring" "Hip :(" "Nausea" "Felt horrible" "Vomiting" "Ortho surgeon-don't run!" "Back doctor-herniated disc" "Back surgery" "Felt horrible, walked" "Very sore hips @ night" and the list goes on. I appear to have tortured myself the entire year. I'm not very kind to my body at times but my body hasn't been very kind to me for over three years now and I just wonder which one of us is going to give in first. I found a blog the other day titled Despite Lupus and I fell in love with the name, because we all have to keep moving along no matter what is tossed in our direction and despite lupus I'm going to keep lacing them up.