Saturday, October 31, 2009


I don't know where October went but I'm going to miss it. There wasn't enough "fall" around these parts and I know the snow is going to be flying soon. This month was spent dreaming of German chocolate cake for Vinnie's birthday upon which the children were kind enough to plant 39 candles that he managed to blow out in one breath.
There were also plans for Halloween costumes, candy and the one day a year that I wear my most hilarious and detested race t-shirt. (You just gotta love the ingenious race director or local designer of this cancer awareness t-shirt) And really, I guess I don't completely dislike it, it just isn't practical to wear any other time of the year. It was a one time race so there are very few of these babies out there and I wear it loud and proud on Halloween day!

Happy tricking and treating!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Feckless Friday

It is late and I'm lazy when it is late, especially when I'm on my evening vicodin but after reading today's feckless posts by Abby and friends I had to play too. First, let me note, that I had to Google the term feckless because my brain seems to have difficulty comprehending the word as it appears. But now I get it and I certainly had no sense of responsibility whatsoever when I showed up to the allergy clinic for allergy testing with a bag full of chocolate covered nuts to eat during my appointment. I'm always thinking about my next snack and heard horror stories about the amount of time I would be sitting with allergens injected under my skin waiting for a reaction. So I brought protein, in the form of nuts, to an allergy clinic.