Friday, March 21, 2008


I never was into popularity contests, in fact I didn't own a pair of jeans until the forth grade when I had this sudden discovery that worn out cords and sweatpants were not the "in thing". I've had lots of discoveries like that over the years, the most profound was when my oldest son was almost two and the infant mental health specialist that was working with him brought up the possibility of him having sensory processing disorder. What? I looked it up and was astounded to find out that I had SPD. I couldn't believe that all the years I have spent uncomfortable, questioning, and sometimes in misery actually had a name. You mean to tell me that not everyone HATES their clothes? I spent many years in awe of these people I would see wearing the most uncomfortable looking items of clothing and wondering how they held it together, how were they not squirming and trying to rearrange each seam. It wasn't that they were tolerant, their senses just didn't work as well as mine. It was an amazing breakthrough for me, but also one that made me realize my life has been formed by my aversions and confusion about trying to fit in when nothing quite "fit".

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