Monday, July 28, 2008

Inspection: Passed

Fudge and Abigail have officially been allowed to enter the fair! Fudge weighed in at 213 lbs. and Abigail a hefty 225.

The pens are all fixed up and decorated:

Fudge and Abigail have been behaving well for us.

If all else fails we can auction off this group!


meredith said...

Yeah! they made it. Don't tell my kids if you auction yours - they'll want to bid! Can't wait to see the pigs at the fair.

Mary Stoinski said...

Ha! Oliver looks adorable!

Boy, we sure kept missin' each other yesterday. My broke ass should be home all day today - bring the blueberries and butter baby!!!

Alissa said...

I'm sure one of those kids, at least, is worth a blue ribbon! :P said...

Congrats!! I am excited to purchase our first whole pig this year after the Delaware County Fair. MMmm Pork Cops!