Friday, July 18, 2008

Things to Love

#1 That Runner's World told me to go ahead and eat that regular ice cream as a postrun treat because the full fat stuff provides 15 percent of the Daily Value for protein and calcium. It doesn't matter that the Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip I have been slowly savoring since Abby brought it to me for my birthday has 23 grams of fat in 1/2 cup, I'm building some strong bones with that stuff.

#2 The fact that I accidentally left for art class an entire hour early and was able to go to the farmers market and purchase the coffee mug that has been calling to me.

See the handy spot for my thumb?

#3 That even when the dog and cat aren't speaking to each other they can still sit near each other. I wish the kids would learn by this example. Or better yet, Vinnie and I.

#4 Art created by a young child that clearly expresses how I am feeling on some days.


Mary Stoinski said...

I'm glad you bought your mug...had you been laying awake at night with a longing to reunite with the holy ergonomic grail? I bet your coffee will taste even sweeter now.

Lisa Greenfelder said...

Nice mug! How many ounces of caffinated elixer of life does that baby hold? Half a pot or 1/4? I bet art classes really fun, too bad it means a drive to Flint.

Mechelle said...

It actually only holds about 14 ounces although I do admit the picture is misleading and does suggest I am drinking a whole pot at a time!

The mug is wonderful, the loud obnoxious kids in the room while I am drinking from it are not.

A drive to Flint is not bad: Farmer's Market, Target, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Flint Library, etc. The trouble is once a week would be plenty, more than that and the other half is complaining about wear and tear plus gas money. Such is life.

Carol said...

What a beautiful mug! I'll bet it makes everything taste better.

I can't even drive to stupid Chesaning without getting a lecture about how many times I've "been to town" that week. We could easily solve that problem by moving to "town," couldn't we? Dream big.

meredith said...

OK - I have to come see this mug. I like the looks of the thumb thing, but my thumbs are weird. I wonder if it would be a good "fit". Also, 14 ounces may a bit small for my "pot before noon" soul.