Tuesday, July 1, 2008

180 & 190 (pounds that is)

Looks like the piggies are gonna make it to the fair! This a relief as I do not know what we would do if they didn't make weight (they have to weigh at least 210 lbs. and not more than 290 lbs.) and we had to haul them to be butchered ourselves. I like the idea of them laying comfortably in their pen at the fair and not squealing in the back of a trailer. As much as they are consuming my sanity I'm positive I will have a tear or two in my eye when it is time to say goodbye.

The past two months have been an experience like no other and I would have to say that as a young adult I never imagined that a rough day at the "office" would include having to walk pigs (really we chase them while trying not to get pooped on)! Who the hell does this city girl think she is trying to get these pigs to mind her? And I thought getting the children to follow directions was a challenge...

We take them to market, oops I mean the fair, on July 28th and will spend that week mingling with the other fair folks, eating elephant ears and scrubbing dust from our bodies each night. Somehow I think it is going to creep up on us real soon.


Mary Stoinski said...

Sounds like fun...except the poop part.

Jason said...

Hi. I plan to catch myself up on your 2008 by the end of the week. I'm already through June and July. Wish me luck.