Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fair is Coming!

We think this girl is ready:

To haul Fudge and Abigail to the fair:

Where if they don't get a ribbon this guy is gonna put up a stink:

We have all gained a new appreciation for what it takes to raise and train an animal to take to the fair. And it isn't just about what the animal looks like but how the child presents herself to the judges and public. We have clothes picked out with hair ribbons to match, an appointment with the amazing Mary to have her hair put into French braids, buyers letters to send to potential generous people that want some tasty bacon and a box full of all the necessities for show day.

Bring on those elephant ears!


Mary Stoinski said...

Your piggies look absolutely delicious - I mean cute! I'm actually pretty excited for the both of you and I'm not exactly what you would call an animal lover. Good luck!

Mechelle said...


Lisa Greenfelder said...

Good luck at the fair! We will make a special trip to the pig barn to see the piggies go to market. Bring home the blue ribbon.

Alissa said...

Look at those oinkers!

I can make beanies. I have fabric. I always say that, don't I? But I do. I will photograph soon and email it to you. I PROMISE!

We got our praying mantises last year from Arbico Organics. Google them. They have a website.

Erin the Librarian said...

Great hogs!

Seneca will look so cute in French braids.