Thursday, July 24, 2008


Carol found this mini Q&A when she was supposed to be working and tagged me to do it too. Even though I am not normally a participator I'll give it my best shot. I don't have anyone to tag except those that Carol already tagged so I'll be checking everyone else's progress when I'm done here!

Why did you start a blog?
The real honest to goodness reason is because I wanted to start writing again and I can't use a hard copy journal because my handwriting is terrible and I couldn't depend on our home computer to not crash and spew all of my data into lands unseen. Blogging made it easy to always have my stuff available. I have gone back and forth from being an open to the public blog to invited readers only.

Why do you continue to blog?
I don't really know. Most of the things I really want to blog about or put on a list to blog about don't even make it to my blog (too personal, too weird, too who gives a shit). I suppose it will be fun someday to look back at all this work and laugh at how important some things seemed or how difficult I thought life was when I'm sure I haven't even gotten a whiff of what difficult is. After all, imagine what this blog will be about when I have 4 teenagers in the house. I better go have a drink right now.

Do you have a blogmother/blogfather?
One of the first blogs I read regularly was Hugo Schwyzer and I don't even know how I found him. I have long since removed the link for him from my favorites as he got too preachy and professor like.

Any downside to blogging?
Finding the time to do it. I always have a good post idea when I am driving or running and then by the time I find an opportunity to sit and write about it the moment is gone. I hate that.

Do your "real world" friends know that you blog?
If you are really a friend in my real world then you know that I blog, if you don't know that I blog than you are not really a friend. Really.


Erin the Librarian said...

The first blog post I ever remember reading of yours involved how you arrange your eggs in the carton. Now, I think of you every time I take an egg from the carton.

Mechelle said...

But do you symmetrically arrange your eggs now?

Erin the Librarian said...

Sometimes...and when I'm in a hurry, it's just a fleeting thought.