Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ladies In Red

Beautiful, bountiful summer berries:

(For those of you that don't make jam this is just the skim from the top and not what the jam itself looks like!)

Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than putting up some jam for the harsh winter to come. Maybe I can get Seneca to play with her corn husk doll among the baskets of winter squash in the attic.


Mary Stoinski said...

All I can say is "awesome"!!!!!! I would happy to sample that jam for you if you need me to.

Alissa said...

All my berries were eaten (by my family.) I had none to put up. Maybe we will have to go picking somewhere!

Alissa said...

BTW: Beautiful jam! I meant to say that the first time.

Erin the Librarian said...

These pics are making me hungry.

Carol said...

Nice work, Ma. Call me when you roast the pig's tail.

When I was a kid watching my grandma make jam, I'd always beg to eat the pink foam. I imagined that it would taste like strawberry Cool Whip. It did not.