Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Results (already!)

Maybe 08'

Looks like she can stop looking for a home and call herself Sure Thing!

She won by 4 votes, there were 3 no votes and 7 yes votes.

Welcome Home Maybe!
(and no we are not changing her name, yet...)


Erin the Librarian said...

Out of curiosity, how does the voting work? Last time I knew, there were only 6 voters in your house. Do the parents get extra votes?

Mechelle said...

I knew you of all people would ask that! Vinnie and I each had two votes and because Phil was over we let him vote too (he is the ball thrower for the dogs when he is over so of course we want a dog he would like), Buchta also had a vote (she voted yes because when Seneca asked her she wagged her tail).

abby said...

Yay Maybe! Who were the 3 no votes?

Lisa Greenfelder said...

Shouldn't it be a secret ballot? It's not like the CAER Center where someone can look over the cardboard barrier and chit chat with me while I'm selecting my choices. Congratulations on the new family member. She looks adorable.

Mechelle said...

It was a secret ballot but because I had to help Ollie I know how he voted, I also know how I voted and Vinnie doesn't lie very well. But I'm not gonna tell you who voted no:) And don't forget some of us could vote one yes and one no if wanted to.