Thursday, August 21, 2008

Peach-Praline Cobbler

Just in case you have a large amount of peaches falling off your peach trees, as we do, or a really good produce department at your local grocery you might enjoy this recipe. It is by far my favorite thing to make with peaches. I also think it would be lovely made with apples this fall.



Rolls on Top of Peaches




Erin the Librarian said...

Ok, I'm totally full since I just returned from a family barbecue, but this still looks scrumptious!!!

How did you get so many peaches on your tree? Our peach trees never did much.

Mary Stoinski said...

Awesome presentation! How did you get your ice cream to come out looking cylindrical?

abby said...

Oh, hello, Salivary Glands. Yum.

Alissa said...

OMG. YUMMO. I was going to make crumble today, but perhaps I will do this, instead!

meredith said...

Is there any left? Can I come over? I think I've gained about 7 pounds eating all this stuff this summer!

Mechelle said...

@ Erin, it is all in the variety of about 6 trees only one does really well.

@ Mary, I wrote about it in this post:
and then Abby bought it for me for my b-day!

@ Abby, way yummy!

@ Alissa, I hope you tried it!

@ Meredith, if the Crim hadn't of kicked my ass I would have you over but the kids are gone and my feet are up. Not to mention there isn't any left :(

Mechelle said...

Okay, I see the link to my old post didn't come through, google:

Cuisipro® Ice Cream Scoop & Stack

to find the scooper!

Kim said...

This is a beautiful dessert!

Pikes Pickles said...

OHHH my heck. That looks delicious. I want to crawl into my computer monitor for it right now. I am so glad I happened upon your blog today.

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