Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello Crim!

Dear Crim,

Please let me start by apologizing for ignoring you the past 10 years. How silly I was to think it was unnecessary to meet you in person. You could become my best friend! This past Saturday you had it all: hills, heat, humidity. What a course! Flint is beautiful indeed. I don't care what anyone else says, you've got it going on. Of course the Krispy Kreme donuts somewhere around mile 4 and then beer around mile 5 does not hurt your aim to be my buddy in any way. The support of the community was amazing, everyone had hoses out and in over 80% humidity that was a life saver. And how about all that music? You know how to keep us runners going. I also love the race t-shirt and finishers medal:

And I especially love the fact that my striped beanie matches it perfectly:
I totally plan to visit next year, maybe hang out around the elite runner check-in table and introduce myself to some of those Kenyan runners. Maybe I'll even try a Krispy Kreme out on the course instead of my Luna Moons.

Late to Join the Race


Alissa said...

Wow, beer and donuts? I hope I can conquer this knee and these tendons, because I want to run that next year!

Lisa Greenfelder said...

Where they trying to lure my weak husband to Flint? Can you image the look on all of your REAL runner faces if Joe showed up in running shorts and said "Let's run this thing!"