Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Bit of Scary

You gotta love blogging for the ability to put photos with the post because this post would be far less without the accompanying photos:

It was one of those typical days where Vinnie had his breakfast of something hot and homemade (some people think I spoil him?!?!) along with his freshly percolated coffee and he headed outside to do "man's work" while I stayed inside barefoot but blessedly not pregnant to do my general household duties. Soon after he went outside to work on "the list" I heard some rumbling and moving of machinery around the yard. This isn't too out of the ordinary because we have a yard full of stuff that requires gas and spark to move, unfortunately it is never all in gas/spark mode at the same time so Vinnie frequently has uncontrollable urges to switch up some batteries and shift things around. This usually results in a more prominent view of a fine piece of museum artifact out our picture window.

When I finally looked up from my soap filled sink I saw our daughter's namesake pulled front and center with the doors and trunk open as if he had plans to actually attend to this beauty beyond starting her up and giving her a different lot assignment for a while.

Totally original, totally.

She has had finer days. I once slept in the backseat (alone) and recall many fun but unsafe miles in her when we first met. Her brakes were never a promising feature, Fred Flintstone's feet do a better job, so when the young ones began arriving we parked her. And no, sadly, none of the brood was conceived in her.

She has a beauty of a name.
Her full title is 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca

And she comes equipped with a slant-six engine. Now if any of you girls out there are trying to impress your man just bring up a question like this: Honey, I was reading about slant-sixes the other day (he doesn't need to know it was on a fruity blog) and I was wondering if you thought they were a better design than the now popular V-8 engines? For some reason guys can talk about slant-sixes for as long as they can talk about *breasts*.

Upon closer inspection there was still a bottle on her floorboard from earlier days or maybe just post-coffee that morning. All the nature surrounding the bottle is from the varmints that invade her innards when we aren't looking.

I didn't want to seem alarmed so I casually asked Vinnie later that night if he was getting her ready for Old Gas Tractor. He likes to get into places for free and if you take a vehicle this old and disgusting to OGT they let you in the secret back way so you can park in an area where all the toothless OGT attendees can gawk at her. I know this for a fact because we have done it before. I already had a plan to paint a few of my teeth black, stuff a pillow under my shirt, dress the kids in dirty clothes with a few odds and ends stuck in their hair when he told me that he just had to move her so he could put the new sand blasting thingy in her spot. But now that I mentioned it maybe he could get her fixed up in time...


Erin the Librarian said...

That is a beauty of a car, as long as she gets parked indoors=). Out of curiosity, if Seneca wasn't conceived there, why the namesake?

Mary Stoinski said...

Now I know where Seneca's name comes from. Everyone said it came from a car but I had never heard of a "Seneca" until know. Cool.

Alissa said...

This makes me so happy.

Carol said...

You'll be slumming it in my neck of the woods! Welcome to my world, baby.

There is so much coolness associated with the name Seneca, and I didn't even know about the car. In third grade we learned about Native American tribes (can you believe we were taught such things in Chesaning in the 1970s?)and I loved the Senecas the most.

Also, my mom used to watch "Ryan's Hope" when I was little and there was a very dashing character named Seneca.

Lisa Greenfelder said...

All this post does is state again, everything Vinnie does is cool. Sorry, I said it. Cool wife, cute kids, big tractors and nice corn. Life is good pioneer woman.

Mechelle said...

Seneca was supposed to be named Emery if she was a girl and Diezel if she was a boy. One day, while I was pregnant, Vinnie came inside from working in the yard and stated, "If the baby is a girl I think we should name it Seneca." It was a done deal, I liked the name, it was different but not too different and she was going to be a boy anyway, right?

If you think Vinnie is cool you should live with him for 24 hours! I had to pick medication up from the pharmacy yesterday and Diezel was with me, he asked if my pills were to keep me from going crazy! I explained that no, I was not in need of anti-psychotics, but few more years of this and I might be.

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