Thursday, August 14, 2008

If I've Said it Once

I've said it a million times. Running is important to me and not even the possibility of having a tire mark over the center of my face is going to stop me from lacing up my shoes and heading out the door in the morning. Even if it is really foggy. And it gets so dense in these parts that they actually delay school sometimes until the bus drivers can see more than a foot in front of their face. One could say that orange is a very important color in my life.

I found this little tidbit while I was searching for an article about Ryan Hall to share with you folks. I can't say that the message in the first article is entirely why I run but I can tell you that I sometimes wish others would not question "the risks" of running when the dangers of not running are more likely to happen.

The last sentences in the second article brought tears to my eyes and even if you don't do the God thing there is a message there. I absolutely can't wait to see this young man run on Sunday the 24th.

***From the Ryan Hall article in case you don't take the time to click on over to Runner's World:

"I want you to know," says Madeline, faltering. "I want you to know that this family prays, and prays for many things. That it will be a good race, that it will be a safe race, but they never, they never," She stops now, holding her hand to her mouth as her eyes fill with tears. It takes her a moment to gather before she can speak again.

"They never pray to win."


Mary Stoinski said...

We could get together to watch Ryan run. I could bring a bucket of chicken.....

kelly said...

Hey Mechelle, How are you? You have the very best blog in blogland. It makes me laugh everytime. It's interesting too. I hope you are doing well. Take care.