Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybe My Standards Aren't as High as I Thought

"Coffee can be kept warm on a burner or hot plate for only about 20 minutes-at most-before the flavor starts to become bitter. Reheating coffee-even a little bit- will ruin its flavor. An airtight thermos preserves the flavor for several hours while keeping the coffee hot, but if it is left there too long the coffee will eventually develop a thermos taste."

-Mollie Katzen from Sunlight Cafe

I've read this several times before from other sources but I just can't seem to bring myself to reload the stove top percolator every time I want a cup of coffee. I thought I was one of "those" people who appreciate a fine cup of coffee and maybe I really am, but my daily life is far from things "fine" and so a reheated cup of nonfreshly ground beans will have to do for most occasions. I did receive a coffee grinder for my birthday so that does bring me one step closer to the ideal cup of coffee. That is, if I don't let it percolate too long and then drink it within the alloted amount of time instead of on my way down the bumpy lane to take the kids to swimming lessons. I find these days that I drink my entire cup of coffee like shot of whiskey. Gotta get it in but can't enjoy it going down. It is more about the fix than the Folger's moment.

Maybe because my coffee is so far from great I tend to focus on the vehicle of delivery instead. That means I am very picky about my mug! Most of the coffee cups we have will suffice, they hold the beverage and are coated in some kind of entertaining something or other. The "real" mug (it really is rock-solid) that I have is heavy and extremely pleasing to hold, it is my mug of choice on any given day. Soon though, I plan to purchase the ultimate of all mugs, the ergonomically correct mug made for people afflicted with sensory issues.

I found it at the Flint Farmer's Market in their little art gallery and was instantly excited when I picked it up and found that it FIT my hand. It fit my hand so well I bet I could run with it and not even notice it was there, maybe even sleep with it too.

Unfortunately I am attempting to be more frugal these days and with the wheat crop still in limbo and not harvested yet I will have to wait to purchase my $15 therapy tool. Maybe I'll even find myself some sort of fancy carafe and grind my own beans daily.

(I would have taken a photo of the mug but I think they would have confiscated my camera so I didn't steal the designer's style and just make one for myself. Because I'm so talented with clay and all.)


Alissa said...

Alright, so I went to check out that mug. I was really impressed, and I miss the feel of those old bone china mugs (or maybe it was just a moment of weakness) so I thought I would buy one. But I didn't just want to copy you, so I looked at the other ones they had, but goshdarnit, the one you picked is the best. I have to say it. Then I said to my self, "Self, you do not need a mug. Close the browser window now. Do it. Do it." And I did.

This morning I read this blog entry about how she hates cheap porcelain, and I said to myself, "Self, by golly, she's right. And if this isn't a sign from the Universe to go buy that mug you've been dreaming about, I don't know what is." So I did.

So if you ever some time in the future come to my house and see that mug, that's why. I copied you.

Mechelle said...

Oh goody! That way if I ever stop over and see that mug I can have a cup of coffee in it and feel like I'm at home, we are all winning!

Mary Stoinski said...

When will my hands experience the extreme happiness of this mug? My love affair with coffee and its accompanying mug is well known - it's my Scandinavian blood I guess. Merdith, not Mary

Mechelle said...

I'm going to rush to the market as soon as Vinnie is driving the wheat to elevator. I hope there are some left!