Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ladder of Years

I've often considered having an entire separate blog devoted to mothers. The blog would not be about how to mother but about those female people that for better or worse have shaped our lives. I guess I really mean my mother and possibly even your mother. I don't mean to dishonor my mother, she certainly has a special place in my life beyond the giving birth role, but sometimes she just pushes me right to the brink of thinking I'm crazy. And usually it is just little things all added together, the tiny digs, the directed remarks that suggest I'm just not quite up to snuff.

I would probably start my new blog with a post about how not even my choice of literary material is considered good enough for her. It wasn't really the comments about the new book that I am reading, it was the accompanying facial expression that clearly said, "You just spent an hour scooping pig poop out of a pen and now you are reading books about how to leave your husband, nice life you have here." Sorry, but I did not choose a book about a woman of three almost grown children that walks out on them and her husband because I have a deep desire to leave my own husband and children. Of course I do fantasize about this scenario on certain days but not seriously enough to devastate every individual that I have an intimate relationship with, including myself.

So really mom, I didn't check it out because I was "looking for ideas" I checked it out for a bit of entertainment and because Anne Tyler is a darn good writer.


abby said...

Yeah, it sucks when you can't even talk about a totally benign subject like a really good book without the mom ruining it.

Mary Stoinski said...

Wow...the empathy I'm feeling right now is overwhelming. My mom didn't hesitate for a moment last week to ask me how I could leave my husband for a week to go off "galavanting" to Tennessee "alone" with all three children (to visit Uncle Mark). Phillip tells me all the time, "You'll never get your mother to change, so you'll have to just change the way you deal with the things she says." How "textbook" is that?!?Therefore, where my mother is concerned, I've learned to just smile and nod and then after she's turned to leave - find a pillow, shove my face in it and scream.

Carol said...

I think we should start a group blog in which we take turns venting about our mothers. I would like to sign up to write the first 1,000 entries, please.

Mechelle said...

I love the idea of a group blog! Could you imagine if our mothers happened to stumble upon it after googling "shitty mothers"?