Friday, June 27, 2008

Odds n' Ends

1. I have a fear of squirrels. Chesaning has a lot of squirrels, way too many for my comfort level. So many that when I run in town I am profoundly afraid that when the squirrels and I are dodging each other one will mistake me for a tree and try to run up my leg. Seriously.

2. I am the type of person that will discretely smell your dishrag before I use it because I can't stand "stinky dishrag". I have done this since I was a young child because I used to bake a lot at my neighbors and they always had "stinky dishrag".

3. Today I cleaned out my running cubby and realized that the reason I don't have nice clothing to wear in public is because I spend all of my apparel budget on technical running wear.

4. I eat 365 bananas a year (366 during a leap year).

5. I like to cook my pancakes so that raw batter remains on the inside and gushes out when I take a bite. This is another run-over from childhood, my mom would cook them that way just for me, do you think I was her favorite?


Erin the Librarian said...

I know how to shoot and gut squirrels, and I have an excellent recipe for cooking them in the crock-pot. Let me know if you want me to bring my .22 over and take care of a few for you. (Always use a .22 for squirrels, if you use a shotgun, you can never get all the bb's out.)

Mechelle said...

Maybe I should have added that I used to be a vegetarian, vegan style, so no way am I gonna eat the little buggers! I just wish they didn't scare me so much and logically they shouldn't want to run up a moving tree but you never know.

The woodchucks in the barn that keep destroying the pig pen area are a different story, any recipes for them?

Mary Stoinski said...

Ewww..."stinky dishrags" are the nastiest.

Alissa said...

I'm with you on the stinky dishrags and the bananas. According to Abby, we have a few things in common. But I do not like the runny pancake. I like them cooked and firm, but fluffy!