Sunday, June 15, 2008

Desperately Bad

I am a terrible blogger. It would seem so simple to sit down just once a day for ten minutes and spill out something totally ridiculous about my life. Like I could have written about the new "dress" sandals I bought for the "event" today that my regular Land's End Sports Slides were not appropriate for. I love my new shoes and they are comfortable but if I had Boy D's attitude: "Nobody is going to be looking at me so who cares if I wear my filthy orange Crocs?" as he ran out the door to get in the van, I could have spent that money on something like coffee, or chocolate or running shoes.

Better yet I should have made a point to blog on Friday evening just after I spent AN HOUR AND A HALF chasing the lovely pigs, Fudge and Abigail, around the yard because they escaped from their pen. But now my random and infuriating thoughts about that won't have the same impact because I feel less like shooting them at this point.

Abigail on the loose.

And now it is today and I am whipped from preparing for the baptism of the two youngest boys and then partying all day with lots of food, a little wine, some amazing cake and plenty of wonderful people. And truly there must be a God because my floor is cleaner after having 20 some odd people tramping in and out all day then when my 5 regular destroyers are coming in and out.

How lucky to have a birthday to celebrate on baptism day! Two cakes!

Sadly this photo does not do justice to the glory of this cake. You'll just have to have MaryCake make you one and taste it for yourself.

One baptized boy.

Another baptized boy.


Mary Stoinski said...

Very sorry about the pigs. I don't know how you handle taking care of those animals...I can't even take care of a cat! Delighted to see pics of my wares on your blog...glad you enjoyed them...the boys look super cute! Oh, and I know it's a rarity when you have children running around, but isn't it a good feeling to get up in the morning and see clean floors? :)

Erin the Librarian said...

Congratulations to Ollie and Gibbie.! At least they're old enough that you didn't have to worry about them crying their heads off when they got wet. Sounds like the party was great, the cakes looked awesome.

At least the pigs weren't greased =).

Lisa Greenfelder said...

I thought chasing animals was the farm work out anthem! Look, I may not have time to run today, but I did catch the livestock, back off.

Glad to hear the baptisms went so well. Everyone said they were super wonderful celebrations. I heard the pianist did an amazing job. The cakes look too good to eat! Man, we live in a great town.
don't be so hard on yourself, but please post more often.

Mechelle said...

Clean floors are the best! I guess I should just be thankful that the pigs don't live inside.

We all had fun and nothing beats leftover cake with a cup of coffee.

And yeah, the more I focus on the positives around here it isn't such a bad town. Stir Crazy makes me believe this even more.