Monday, September 8, 2008

Playing with Mary

When Mary asked for five things that drive her blog-readers crazy she probably didn't anticipate that it would take me days to whittle down my list to such a manageable number, but I think I finally did it and because the past week has been hell but is now looking up I want you all to know that number one is the nearest and dearest to my heart right now:

1. Parents that do things or make choices for the sake of their own convenience without any regard for what is best for their child/children.

2. Politics.

3. Graham crackers that don't break on the lines.

4. Potty training.

5. Walkers that line up for races in front of runners and then proceed to walk in unpassable packs.

Bonus: Crappy race t-shirts!


Erin the Librarian said...

I'm digging number 2. 3 also annoys me, but in a more minor way. 4 is sweet when you have Melissa, the lady that watches by boys. She cracks the whip and it happens.

Lisa Greenfelder said...
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Lisa Greenfelder said...

Impressive and too true list. There is no way I could just limit my gripes to five. But I couldn't limit my number of things that makes me happy to 5 either. Maybe they even each other out.