Saturday, September 6, 2008

Number One Way to Tell Fall is Coming

Back when we were homeschooling I required the children to watch the entire series of Little House on the Prairie, all nine seasons. They loved it! But for some reason the discs sit in their homes until about this time of the year when they innocently pop out and I find the theme song to Little House blaring. This is how I know that fall is coming and winter is soon to follow, because with nine seasons you have to start about now to get to the end, you know, the one where Albert is all addicted to morphine and we have to watch him puke all over himself while he is detoxing with Pa in the middle of the woods. I sure wish spring would hurry up.


Mary Stoinski said...

That episode always makes me cry. Wait...every episode makes me cry.

meredith said...

George keeps talking about Little House lately also - must be something in the air.

Carol said...

Poor Albert. The amount of puke spewed in that episode scared me off drugs way more than the infamous Just Say No campaign. (At least for a few years, anyway.)