Sunday, September 14, 2008

2-4-2 and 3.1

2 Straight days of steady rain,

4 kids,

2 dogs,

and a 5k run at Genesys Health Park on some slick but beautiful paved trails.

It apparently was the last race I will run during the official calendar season of fall as I am going to be entering the wonderful world of having a dancer audition for a part in the Flint Institute of Music's Whiting Production of the Nutcracker.

Anyway, the race course was great, a bit on the curvy side and with the rain and wooden bridges one had to be extra cautious, but the rain was definitely welcome with the heat and humidity.

And I knew one of these races would finally come through for me on the post-race refreshment front! I have been disappointed the past few races but the people directing this race knew how to keep us happy as we were waiting for the chip-timed results. Krispy Creme donuts, cinnamon roll things, bananas, apples, bagels from Big Apple, Fruit and Yogurt Parfait from that place with the golden arches that I am vehemently against but I will give them credit nonetheless, and some kind of baked fiber/fruit/chocolate chip bar that contained a week worth of fiber but still tasted really good.

Overall, this was a great race, the usual nice (long sleeve!) t-shirt, exciting course, yummy post-race food but they really lost it with the awards. I mean, I know I shouldn't complain and all because I did receive an award but I'm not quite sure what to do with it. It is the plaque thing in the upper left of the photo. I'm not thinking I want to hang it next to my 6th grade "diploma" plaque or replace our wedding photo with it (I know, for those of you that have been here, what photo?). Maybe Vinnie could use it as a coaster for his whiskey glass in the barn? Or possible I could send it to the student loan people and they would accept it in lieu of this month's payment? Because really, without a "real" job, that is all I am worth at this point in time.


Mary Stoinski said...

Ha, ha. Let me know if your student loan people accept that plaque. Then maybe I could try to send my student loan people some useless crap in place of my payments as well.

Awesome job on the race!

Erin the Librarian said...

If they won't take your plaque, maybe we can melt it down into an ergonomically correct mug for you.

Mechelle said...

You are a genius Erin! I wonder just how we could do that...

tracey said...

Congratulations for winning first place in your age group!! What a woman!

Alissa said...

I love reading about running and food.

(working on beanies)

meredith said...

From my bowling days - plaques are easier to store than tropheys. I'm sure a fun craft project will come from this plaque.