Sunday, May 11, 2008

You Can Tell Where My Brain Isn't

I was reading a blog the other day that I haven't read in a while, and that I actually took off my favorite blog list because I had lost interest in the topics explored, when I thought I would check and see how the author was doing with his running. I searched his topic list and didn't see a category for running but I did see one for "race" so logically I went there. None of the titles that popped up had anything to do with racing, in fact they seemed to have nothing to do with running at all. Duh, he wasn't writing about lacing up his shoes and racing, he was writing about that thing we sometimes think too much about that makes us all different, or so we think. I guess you can weed out the runners from the non-runners by a simple vocabulary test! Maybe instead of checking Caucasian on the next form I fill out I'll just write in the name of my next event.

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Erin the Librarian said...

When I fill out those forms, I'm always looking for categories like "German", "Irish", "Scottish", or the generic "European". I mean, if they get to be African or Hispanic, why can't I proudly declare my long-ago roots?