Sunday, May 4, 2008

Meet the Newest Family Members

They aren't Sonny and Cher or Adam and Eve.

Nor did she choose to call them Fred and Wilma.

Harold and Maude weren't on the list, and George and Barbara would have been disrespectful.

Romeo and Juliet was too romantic as well as Rhett and Scarlett, and she doesn't even know who Lucy and Desi are.

Instead, we have Fudge and Abigail:

Fudge is the wide stripe and Abigail the skinny.

When Daughter S told Vinnie and I the names of her 4-H pigs I tried oh so hard to change her mind to Fudge and Mudge but she would have nothing to do with it. Vinnie, with a sly smile on his face, thought the names were lovely and told her she could name the pigs whatever she wanted to. Abigail is just so tedious for me to say, but I can't bring myself to call her Abby, cause that would just be wrong. Abby ain't no pig.


abby said...

Well, don't worry, I had an aunt who had a dog named Abbey. (I guess the "e" was supposed to make it different?)I'm choosing to believe she named her Abigail in honor of Lena's middle name, anyway. You need to change Fudge to Grace, though, so it can be after Liberty's middle name, too.

Lisa Greenfelder said...

What's in a name? Smells like bacon to me. I hope girl s enjoys her new pets/family members.