Thursday, May 8, 2008

Forget the Race!

A friend of mine recently started running and in an effort to keep herself motivated she has been pondering trying out a race of the 5k variety. I'm not much of a 5k runner because I seem to perform better at longer distances where my lack of natural speed is less of a hindrance. However, the 5k is nice because almost as soon as you get started it is over and you can hit the post-race food tables. It is especially nice if the race takes place in a major city where it is not unusual to find food donations from such places as Panera or Starbucks.

Anyway, the race my friend has selected happens to be on my birthday. My 35th birthday. To most people this is not a significant birthday like 18, 21 or 40, but to a runner this means a move to the next age division. A graduation you may say, not to faster times necessarily, or longer distances, but hopefully to more wisdom and appreciation. The last race I ran on my birthday was in June 98' and you gotta love the race t-shirt spouting your very own birthday. And although I'm a bit race-shy after my last attempt I'm certain a 5k ought to be a walk in the park and I've got a month to work on that lack of natural speed.

I was still pondering whether or not I really should commit to this event until I looked up the race info and there before my very eyes was my fantasy man, Frazz. According to the the race website he is going to be there in the flesh! Of course his fleshy self is not as appealing as his cartoon self, but still, I don't think there could be any other sign that this race is meant to be. Good food, birthday race t-shirt, Frazz!, graduation to new age-group. All I need now is a babysitter.


Alissa said...

I'd call that a sign!

abby said...

Definitely a sign. Woo hoo!