Saturday, May 5, 2007

Nike+ iPod for me

I have discovered that the most difficult thing about blogging is actually sitting down to do it. Everyday my intentions are good then the kids need help getting the peanut butter, the baby deposits a surprise in his diaper big enough to require a bath and while I'm giving him a bath the dog chews up the Kleenex in the office garbage can. It is never ending. And when it seems as though the house is clean, the lawn is mowed, the animals are fed, the chicken coop is clean and I have dinner ready to pop in the oven someone pukes and I'm battling a virus as it makes it way through four kids and my husband. Thankfully, I always seem to be spared from the illness but by the end feel as though I've had it due to lack of sleep and exhaustion.

I've come to the conclusion that what I really need is Nike to make an iPod+ thingy that allows me to dictate my thoughts about myself and the larger world while I run and then when I get home I can plug it into the computer and all my thoughts would be instantly transformed into blog entries. I do my most stunning thinking while I'm on the move and once I sit down to type it kind of all falls away. This little machine would prevent all that! I could even write that novel I've been meaning to get to (because at this rate it won't happen until I'm in a nursing home and can no longer hear the kids yelling at each other over who's turn it is to visit or pay the bill). It would revolutionize my life. Ah, one can always have a dream...

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Abby said...

You should *totally* invent that! I would buy it. For real.