Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A few little things

Well, I discovered when I was running today that yesterday marked the longest amount of time in months that I have gone in between children without getting pregnant. Three times over I was pregnant by 19 months of the last birth and yesterday marked 20 months and no pregnancy. Applause, applause! After 4 days of vomiting and diarrhea out of the youngest two this little fact is pure relief.


The kindergarten class has a substitute today and I left my lovely Diezel boy feeling a little more than worried but his excitement about having a substitute made me keep my mouth shut. CR, one of my least favorite children in the class (he is in the number 2 spot next to KA), was attempting to climb the door frame when we arrived and as I was leaving the kids were convincing Ms. Kylee (who doesn't look old enough to be out of high school even though I know she is) that they don't do centers in the morning. I hope Diezel is in a talking mood when he gets home, of course he rarely is so my urge for dirt on the class will not be satisfied.


Yesterday I HAD to go to Meijer, the four days of vomit/diarrhea left me almost totally depleted of baby wipes. We started the trip trying to buy bird seed (buy one/get one!) but they were out of the bo/go size and the clueless door greater just didn't know what to do. I guess that explains her door greater position. I grabbed the tag off the shelf to "prove" to the cashier that it was on sale. We made it through the rest of our list, even remembered the baby wipes, without trouble. But, then again, the trouble no matter where you shop seems to start at the cashier lanes. The friendly "I'll help you find a short lane" lady pointed to a lane with a cashier that in the past has been less desirable to me than others. I tried to find another open or short lined lane but there were none to be found and Ollie was already acting tired/sick/moaning so I jumped in her line. First thing I told her was that I needed a rain check for my bird seed. This woman plays by the rules: I had to verify that I could not locate the item, that I asked for assistance, the name of the person that offered the assistance, and I had to locate the item in the ad. All this and I was rewarded with my rain check. I hope the birds are happy.

The bird seed wasn't even my main complaint. I had two bottles of very cheap wine that I was purchasing and by this point there was a preschooler with his head down in the front seat of the cart and a toddler in a backpack on my back making moaning/whining noises-it was obvious that I had a lot going on and that I DON'T LOOK UNDER 21! I may not look almost 34 (well maybe I do, I don't know) but I sure as hell don't look under 21. The b**** after all I had been through asked for my I.D. She even looked at it when I gave it to her and put in my real b-day instead of the fake one they all use to bypass the system. By that time she knew she was pushing her luck and even looked up and told Ollie that she was trying to hurry. We barely made it out of there without me assulting her but I try to be mature now that I am in my mid-30's.

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