Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A bean in Diezel's ear

I must consistently remind myself that SPD is fun! Fun for the whole family! I have learned that it is better to be amazed by the behaviors and laugh a little at them than to let them irritate me to the point where one or all of us needs to be on medication. Last night Diezel couldn't resist climbing into the gravity wagon full of last years soy beans. I bet it felt really good swimming around in all those beans, boots off, pockets full, sun shining. Until, a little bean magically popped in his ear and got stuck. To compound his troubles he does not like attention, especially attention derived from actions that were not intended to be shared with anyone. Poor Diezel, he was mad and scared, and especially worried that the doctor would have to cut his ear off to get the bean out!

Being ever so lazy in the evening I decided to fore go a trip to the ER, I mean really, is a bean in the ear really an emergency? According to some websites it is, but there is no way I sitting there all night for this minor inconvenience, and after all his highly selective hearing was still functioning. Our friend, the town vet, offered me a few suggestions but none of them worked. We left her place with a basket ball hoop, a little green ride-on tractor, kid sized wheel barrow and a bean in Diezel's ear.

It didn't fall out during the night so he was "forced" to stay home from school (which he claims that he hates anyway) until I could contact his doctor. My husband, who was too busy farming the night before, all of a sudden became vigilant about finding a way to get that bean out. Diezel was set on staying home from school and traveling to the doctor so he didn't want Vinnie to touch him for fear he would have to go to kindergarten that day. Once I convinced Diezel that he didn't have to go to school that day, no matter what, he was a little more receptive to letting his dad experiment. A few tries with a twisty tie stripped of the plastic coating and the bean rolled on out.

Diezel is a boy that likes the feeling of sand pouring in his ears, has swallowed two pennies because he likes to have non-food objects in his mouth, touches EVERYTHING when we are out in public, the list goes on and on. On the good days I watch and hope that a trip to the ER won't be necessary, on the bad days I forget my sense of humor, but everyday I tell him I'll love him no matter what.

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Abby said...

Oh, Diezel. *sigh* :)