Thursday, May 24, 2007

Classic Diezel

Once a week I dig though the sand, rocks and sticks in Diezel's backpack and extract all the worksheets he has done in kindergarten. I usually do this on Thursday because it is also newsletter day and I don't want to miss out on any upcoming info for the next week (I'm kind of organized like that). I don't hold much stock in the papers that come home because the teacher has a habit of telling the kids what to write/circle so I'm never sure if it is his brain at work. Some of the stuff that I do see is very obviously non-directive and those are the papers I love to look at and sometimes (another bad habit of mine) analyze (the psychologist in me).

Today there was a religion worksheet with a little poem/prayer (is there a difference? and what is it?) on it:

God made everyone.

God made all people good.
God gave people many gifts.
He gave people the world and
all the good things in it.

On the page is a picture of a park with a bench, swing set, slide and sandbox. The instructions are to "Add people to this picture. Show them enjoying God's world." Diezel did an excellent job of coloring in the ground with green grass and colored all the equipment orange including the park bench. His "people" consisted of one stick person just outside the sandbox and nobody else. His person has two eyes, a smile, arms with 3 fingers on each hand and legs but no feet.

Now this is where I get into trouble because I wasn't there to see how the assignment was presented, how much time the kids had to accomplish the task and how they interpreted the directions. I just know what my boy did or didn't do. I adore his picture but I also think it tells a great deal about where in his life he feels happy and good. He loves to dig and he is at his best when he is alone. God may have made everyone but he didn't make everyone to enjoy everyone.

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