Saturday, November 7, 2009

An odd half followed by Guinness

I ran a race today where I received this highlighter colored tech shirt. This photo does not in any way give you an accurate view of the COLOR. I will NEVER have to worry about getting run over by a motorized vehicle while wearing this shirt, unless the driver is literally blinded by it and I do believe that is possible. I had a choice of socks or gloves instead but I can't pass up a tech shirt for $10 that I can wear deer hunting too. Opening day will be extra fun this year; I can chase after the deer in my new shirt.

The race was on this trail:

For an hour and 47 minutes this is what I saw, over and over. The only excitement was somewhere near the end when a squirrel decided to mock me and act as if he couldn't carry his nut across the trail because he was so tired. I managed to avoid tripping over him and went on to finish only to find that the promise of yummy post-race food was false. I'm assuming the race director was not a runner because as I've said before no runner wants another damn banana after the race, or an apple. A 13.1 mile run deserves to be followed with real food and a pint of Guinness.

Thankfully my friends and I found Oscar, he does not believe in post-race bananas or probably any bananas for that matter. I was just going to have water to drink (gotta rehydrate) but then I tasted Mary's* Blue Moon with a slice of orange and was convinced that a Guinness could do the job just as well as water. Run half-Drink Guinness. Maybe I'll start a race under that guise just as an excuse to have some quality beer and there will be no post-race bananas present.

***Hopefully Mary will give a full race report including recommendations for pre-race nutrition and why Paydays should not be on the list if you are not certain porta potty's will be on the course.

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Mary Stoinski said...

LMAO!! Oh, the horror!