Monday, November 2, 2009

Love thy shoe manufacturer

This summer I made a sucker purchase when I went with a friend to my favorite running store, Playmakers, so she could buy new running shoes. I glanced at the trail shoes and then made the mistake of trying these on. Of course it was love at first step; Asics shoes make my feet feel at home the moment I put them on. I was smitten and began training in these to prepare for the upcoming Legend 10 mile Trail Run at Sleepy Hollow Park. My shoes and I had a fine time, so fine that when my road shoes ran out of steam in late summer I switched over to these full time. Unfortunately and to my dismay I put them on one day and the uppers on both sides were coming apart from the sole.

I wrote to the Asics people and explained my situation:


I have been wearing Asics running shoes for at least the past
10 years, usually the 2000+ series, and have been very happy
with the quality and durability of the shoes I have worn.
This summer, in addition to my road shoes, I purchased the Asics
2140 Trail shoes and fell in love with the fit. Unfortunately,
when I went to put them on today I noticed that they felt a little
funny and when I inspected them further the upper on both shoes at
the inside of the toe box was completely coming away from the sole.
I have never in thousands of miles in at least 30 pairs of Asics
had a shoe(s!) fall apart on me. Is this a common problem with
this model? I assumed that if anything a trail shoe would be
constructed to withstand the wear and tear of trails and not
literally fall apart. I consistently replace my shoes at 400-500
miles and then continue to use them as "lawn mowing" shoes but these
are shot.

I hope if this is a known problem that you are doing something to
resolve it as I would love to use the 2140 Trail shoe as a winter
trainer but not if I can't depend on it to stay together."

Mechelle Kuchar

Not long after I received a response:

"Hi Mechelle,

Thank you for contacting the ASICS America Corporation. ASICS
is very concerned that you were not happy with your recent purchase
of our product. ASICS warranties shoes for two years from the
manufacture date against any manufacturing defects. I have not run
into this problem with this shoe yet and it has been out since January.
If you want to send it in so we can take a look at it for you. The
footwear must go through a brief inspection before we can move forward
to make sure that they have not been misused or abused. Please package
the shoes in a sturdy container and mail to:

ASICS America Corporation
Consumer Relations Department
29 Parker, #100
Irvine, CA 92618

If available, also send the original box and copy of the
receipt. Additionally, please indicate your address, telephone
number, e-mail address and what the problem is with the product.
Once ASICS has received your package, ASICS will make every effort
to resolve this problem for you as quickly as possible. Please note
that ASICS does not refund direct to consumers. If a defect is found
we will replace the product for the same or comparable model.

If you live in Canada, do not send you shoes to us. Please contact our
Canadian Distributor to resolve the problem. AQP can be reached at the
following 800-567-3405.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me again."

Thank you,

Carol Herrig
Consumer Relations
ASICS America Corporation
29 Parker Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618
1(800) 678-9435

I promptly sent them off and today received
a replacement pair, but not the pair I
was expecting. Hello! Asics GEL-Trabuco Trail 12WR,
whatever all those letters
and numbers mean.
There was no note in the box and I have no idea
why I was sent this pair and not a replacement of the Trail 2140's, but I'm a friendly gal (sometimes) so I'll give these a try. After all they match my new watch and cooler weather but not freezing weather training jacket, quite possibly someone is trying to make me fashion savvy.


tracey said...

Those are so cute! You are becoming quite the running Fashionista, whether you like it or not. I hope they're comfy..but they probably arent, huh?

paige said...

pink is so last summer, raspberry is so fall. quick, wear them out fast so you can be the height of fashion come winter!

Mechelle said...

They are getting comfy, I wear them all over because they are so darn pretty. Paige, I'll wear them out as fast as I can! And I didn't know pink was in this summer, maybe I'll consult you next time I go shopping-thanks!