Friday, November 6, 2009

I like coffee

I've gone from being a Folger's girl to discovering Trader Joe's coffee which in my opinion competes just fine with those more expensive guys like Starbuck's. After all, you can buy a good grind but if you prepare it wrong you might as well be drinking cheap mud from a Meijer brand drip pot. I do ours up right in a percolator as old the combine that brews right on the stove top. It takes an hour, an hour during which I wish I could train the dog to turn the stove on before I wake up.

This hour prep time means that I typically run in the mornings without ingesting a cup of coffee first and that just makes that first cup even sweeter because my hard work is already done for the day (if you believe that taking care of four kids on a farm is easy compared to running down the road). The exception to this is race days where I get up super early so that I can start and finish the percolator process before my adventure begins; I can't go to a race without a cup of coffee first. Fortunately, even Runner's World advocates the pre-run coffee and for more than one reason. Plus you can't discount the findings of people who get paid to do research on such things as the benefits of caffeine.


abby said...

I'm totally making that Mocha Madness Recovery shake today. I haven't been enjoying my morning coffee lately. Maybe I'll try a different brand. Maybe my taste buds changed while I was sick and now I demand quality!

Mechelle said...

I say you need quality and Trader Joe's has reasonably priced quality. The French Roast is by far my favorite.

paige said...

the tj's ethiopian coffee is the real deal--we love it more than anything else they sell