Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I love to Read

Because sometimes the author writes about me and that leaves me feeling pretty good about myself, even if the author makes me sound a little quirky:

"She tired to figure out her own life philosophy and came up with something she once heard a rock star-Eric Clapton, she thought-say in an interview about not being a big fan of, uh, people. She wasn't either. She preferred-as ridiculous as it sounded-being with herself. She like reading and watching movies without commentary. She couldn't handle men and their egos and their constant boasting and their raging insecurities."

When I read that particular passage in my latest book it made me sit up a bit higher and open my eyes wider. It was the same type of realization that hit me when I discovered most people don't hate clothing (Just a few select "special" people are hindered by wardrobe sensitivities.) It was freeing in a way because I always assumed I was, well, bitchy for lack of a better term, for not seeking out oodles of people to spend my time with. I'm just not a fan of people and that is o.k. Why I sought out a degree in social work I have no idea, or maybe it was because I could usher my clients in and out and do what I could to offer them assistance without more than a professional committment. I wouldn't have to take them home for early morning conversation when I prefer to have none.

As a child, my home life was peculiar in many ways but one that stands out frequently in my memories is the fact that we must have been trained from an early age not to speak in the morning. Unless you were trying to claim you were too ill to go to school (In which case you were allowed to state your symptoms and wait dutifully for mom to ask if you wanted to go to school.) the expectation was shower, clothing, breakfast and out the door. All without a peep. My siblings may have different perceptions of this but whenever we happen to be together for the night as adults none of the three of us speak in the morning. And I'm not just referring to early morning, if you really want to have a conversation with me try and hit me up after noon where you will have a short window of opportunity before I revert my brain to hermit mode.

For those of you that I frequently find myself in social situations with and appear to be enjoying myself, I really am, but you may want to consider if there is something special about you or if you are quirky too.


meredith said...

You dare to give such a tantalizing quote and not tell what book/author it is from!!! (If it is from the book club book - which I don't think it is - I feel dumb!)

Erin the Librarian said...

Nope, I thought that at first too, but I don't think so. Also, you and I would have never gotten along growing up, Mechelle. My sister used to want to stab me because I would sing to wake her up. Then I would play the radio loudly in the bathroom while I got ready and sang along. (Actually, I still do.)

Mechelle said...

No, it is not from Traveling Mercies. It is from The Woods by Harlan Coben(?), not a type of book that I typically read but I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters (obviously) and it had closure at the end. I'm all about closure :)

Lisa Greenfelder said...

Can I qualify for quirky? I'm not sure special is the adjective for me. Every time you talk to me in the morning I do feel privledged. :)

Erin the Librarian said...

Where is the pretzel blog?