Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damn Facebook

I'm convinced nobody is updating their blogs lately because they are too busy on Facebook letting people know that they are letting their dog out to pee. Yeah, I'm guilty too. But I don't even stop to let the dog out, she has just been peeing on the floor.

It doesn't help that is has been winter here. W.I.N.T.E.R. As is cold, windy, snowy. Depressing. And just when I finally had a day of running on actual pavement and not ice/snow covered roads it is snowing again.

So, now that my life is complete because I have reconnected with my fourth grade boyfriend (Come on people!) I've decided to get busy in the kitchen.

The Buchtie Babes
L to R: The famous Aunt Mary, Marie and myself

Buchtie: still hot and pipping on the baking sheet. And no, I can't share the recipe because only someone that has been making them for 80+ years can get it right.

Apparently this was a crucial step.

Cleanliness is very important at all times!

Guacamole anyone?

The featured item at Sunday dinner:
Smoky Tomato Salmon Chowder


Erin the Librarian said...

I haven't updated mine because I feel like it has been so long since I did that I don't know where to start. I was thinking about this last night and the next post is going to be a LARGE one.

What do Butchie taste like?

meredith said...

I agree with the facebook issue. The thing is - I almost finally figured out the blogging junk and now you all want me to learn something new! At least I give your kids plenty of warning and in class review time. I can't figure out that facebook thing - I have probably dissed about everyone that I might have wanted to talk to!

Mary Stoinski said...

#1 Why didn't I get any buchtie?

#2 I think, with my baking experience, that I would be worthy enough to be given the buchtie recipe...hmmmm?

#3 Why didn't I get any Smoky Tomato Salmon Chowder?

#4 Why didn't I get any buchtie?

Anonymous said...

I also want to know I did not get any buchtie?

However, I am most interested in that Love Dare, how about an update?? Are you really still doing this? Has the husband thought you have completely lost it by being so nice? I want info.

Mechelle said...

Okay, the reason no one got any Buchtie is because you must eat them fresh and they were gone quickly, all 100 of them. They taste amazing, a light sweet dough filled with poppy seed, or raspberry, or apricot. You really have to taste them to understand them.

7 days left in the "love dare". An update is coming soon!

Wendy said...

i've thought that same thing about facebook and i have noticed that blogland has been pretty quiet.