Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catch Up, Sort Of

I just received a request for my pretzel warfare experience to be expounded on in a blog post but I'm a bit behind in my posting priorities so it may have to wait a day or two. I'm having the same blogging trouble that I've always had and probably won't go away anytime soon. I write all my posts in my head while I'm running and somehow my brain does not see fit to print out a replica upon my arrival at home. This may be to the readers' (Mrs. A help with that apostrophe please!) advantage because a lot gets done in my head while I'm on a run. And people think I just run to get away from Vinnie!

So I still need to recap and finalize the Love Dare (Aren't you curious?), a tidy Lenten related post might be nice too but maybe I should wait until Lent is over and the etching on My Lenten Cross has been rubbed smooth. I had a great post about the Star Bursts my mother was trying to poison my kids with all wrinkle free in my mind but I'm trying to Change My Heart during the next 40 days and need to love my mother's efforts even if I would rather scream.

Tomorrow I head off to U of M with my "responsible driver" (I'm wondering if they will give her some type of responsibility test to determine her level of dependability, not that I think she would fail, but how do they KNOW? Do they size her up, ask her to flex, or just Google her name?) to have some small sections of my muscle biopsied because Lupus might have found a friend called Myopathy or Dystropy but we don't think so. We're just checking to make sure he isn't hanging with the wrong crowd. And if he is there will be hell to pay because I. Don't. Have. Time. For. Something. Else. I can't eat for 6 hours before which may be more torture to me than having the muscle "nipped" from my deltoid. My blood sugar and I don't get along well either, it likes to dip too low when it does not have a constant input of fresh, whole foods (Er, read: chocolate.) therefore, the business of fasting never goes well. I hope my trustworthy driver will be patient, especially because my a.m. coffee is not allowed either.

And maybe, just maybe, U of M should not be so organized and forthright because after reading the Needle Muscle Biopsy procedure handout I'm not looking so forward to my twilight sleep. It states: "You may sense the deep stab of the instrument and feel the little nips the instrument makes as it snips off samples from within the muscle. The nurse can give you a more pain-killing medication by vein. The doctor will usually penetrate the muscle in a different direction to get samples from another part of the muscle." I'm not aiming for a natural, unmedicated birth here people! They better pump that "a more pain-killing medication by vein" BEFORE the nips are made. And Panera better be serving up something yummy tomorrow because my dependable driver has been instructed to take me there immediately following the procedure.


Mary Stoinski said...

I hope the reference, "responsible driver", isn't some hidden jab at, oh, I don't know, some yo-yo that drove you home intoxicated a couple of months ago now is it?

Mechelle said...

No jabs Mary, just nips :) Seriously, does responsible just mean you have not recently had intravenous sedative medication? I know a lot of people I am more responsible than when I am sleeping and they are fully awake, you are not one of them. Or is this a ploy by Vinnie to get rid of me? (How much is he paying you?)

Erin the Librarian said...

Huh, I could have sworn I commented on this last night. Now I don't see it and I don't remember what I said. Well, good luck Mechelle.

meredith said...

The apostophe was perfectly placed! I am waiting patiently to hear about the Love Dare, but I guess taking some time to pray that all goes well is worth it!

Lisa Greenfelder said...

When do you get the results? I'm hoping you hear the good news you are looking for.