Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Question My Love

All anyone needs to know is that not one negative word was released from my lips after my farmer husband hauled a load of beans to the elevator today and did this to my yard:


Erin the Librarian said...

Congratulations. Maybe you can add a second driveway there, then it wouldn't be noticeable. Or...a muddy slip n slide.

meredith said...

Maybe you could plant more beans?!

Mary Stoinski said...

Oh my God I would f!@#ing kill him!!!

Abby said...

Oh my. Were you able to keep from uttering a word because of the wine bottle planted firmly in your mouth? ;) That would've worked for me. Most definitely. Oh my.

Kim said...

Good job. I know that must have been difficult...I have been really working on controlling my tongue more and trying to use my words encourage and build up. I fail at times because I am so easily irritated...which then makes me realize it is my own stubborn heart and it is a heart issue that I need to deal with. It is not what my husband did that is the problem...it is my own sinfulness.

I am right there with you! : )

Just think about all the hard work your husband did to have that many beans to carry off!

I hope your yard will get back to normal soon! I like the idea of a new driveway!