Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something About Hats

I had the privilege to see this felting artist at the First Frost Arts and Fine Craft show at the FIA last Saturday. I visited her booth four times! I was convinced that one of her hats would be perfect for me but the $38 price tag was a bit much to swallow. That is, until some lovely older lady remarked what deal the hats were, and then another savvy shopper said the same thing and then another! Either Sierra Cole paid these people to walk around and sell her wares in such a sly manner or they really were a deal. Now that I looked them up on her website and found out she sells them for $48 plus $5 shipping I'm glad I purchased mine in real-life time. She might be coming near you too, check it out!

Santa will be bringing this fine tri-colored purple beauty to Seneca,

and this gorgeous rusty one to me. Sorry ACE but I'll be getting non-hardware related items this year!

And here is Ollie modeling one of his lovely new beanies!


Erin the Librarian said...

How cute! You really have a hat thing, don't you =)?

Mechelle said...

I'm starting to think I have a problem is what I think :)

Lisa Greenfelder said...

I saw your "un"hatted hair yesterday and it was quite lovely lady. Sure, it was our 3rd trip up to school in as many hours, but after the dishes were done you were looking especially done up. he he
ps I bet Vinnie is still at the store on Christmas Eve...

Mechelle said...

Yeah, I let my hair down because I'm getting it cut on Tuesday and I'm trying to decide how much I really hate it or if I should just do the "trim" thing.

And yes Vinnie will show up at the store Christmas Eve for the beer in the back room!