Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PMD-96 or PMD-51

I'm searching for paint, again. I have officially decided to just paint the gosh darn living room and get it over with so Vinnie can adhere the custom-made trim before I die. His excuse for not hanging the trim is that he can't until the room is painted/papered/whatever and it is my fault for not selecting a color. I vow to have it done by Christmas.

In my quest for color I brought Seneca along hoping she would embrace the idea of a fresh start in the living room. She didn't. I finally had to suggest that she stop telling me that we should have painted the unpapered areas of the living room red to match the wallpaper and then we could make our own paper flowers and glue them up there. Her color suggestion after it was all said and done was black, she even chose a paint chip sample.

So, if the paint companies could just stick with the number of a color, PMD-96 or PMD-51, instead of Wild Wheat or Cardamon I would have a much easier time selecting. I am way too swayed by names that bring a vision to mind: Sweet Honey, Shaved Chocolate, Red Red Wine. How is a woman to pick? My kitchen is painted Oatmeal, the playroom Hunting Coat Red, mudroom Rye Grass Green and the bathroom Chai Spice. A little influenced by the namers, I think so. Hum, what about Velvety Merlot or Caramel Sauce?


Erin the Librarian said...

I have said many times that I could totally be the person that makes these things up! I love paint names, fingernail polish names, etc.

BTW, the merlot sounds like a good color.

meredith said...

Good luck! I suggest asking Lisa G. - she has the best eye for these things and knows her paint colors! I am under strict orders to always consult her first before I buy paint - does anyone remember the green house (and the really brave, the very brief mint chocolate chip house)?!

Carol said...

Ah, paint colors are so pretty to look at when you aren't on deadline to pick one.

Most of the walls in my house bear paint with a food or drink-related name. I was really craving carbs when I picked out Bagel for my kitchen, I think.

Mechelle said...

Seneca still misses that green house!

All of the colors I like are too dark, according to the man of the house but he doesn't "really" care, so I guess I should put them all in a bucket and pick one, or two, or three. Heck, we do have 4 walls in there!